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How works „duracooling“?

More than 100 studies worldwide already discussed the interaction of cooling and performance increase. Most of them failed either because they were not able to provide any cooling facilities or because of lacking logistics, i.e. the availability of freezer packs, ice vests or other cooling installations.

Not with IDENIXX. Due to its natural process of evaporation cooling, the product does not depend on refrigerators, air conditioners or external energy supply. Activated with water for 10 seconds it provides cooling for hours.

When the energy-saving effects of pre- and inter-cooling had been confirmed, another study was carried out to demonstrate the use of IDENIXX during physical workout (duracooling).

This study was also designed on the basis of international criteria. This time the runners were asked to run as fast as possible for one hour in order to establish the distance covered both with and without cooling vest.

In the 60 minutes, the runners wearing the cooling vests ran on average 407 metres  (stadium circuit) more than the same runners without cooling. This is equivalent to an increase to almost 105% (+4.9%) in performance and more than half of the athletes ran additional distances of 650-800 m.

This corresponds to an increase in performance of up to 110% (+10%). This improvement of performance by cooling despite heat corresponds to the data provided by international studies. Cooling is more than performance increase. Cold application and cooling measures have an explicitly positive effect on human health which mainly concerns the cardiovascular system and is particularly effective at high ambient temperatures: pure heat protection!



Cooling for health and performance with cooling vest or cool shirt

Cooling protects against overheating – both in sports and in leisure times. You also prevent performance and concentration to decrease and avoid health and accident risks. Do as the Dutch national football team: With cooling vest to world top!


wm Brasilien holland


Up to 10% better performance with COOLINE SX3

Work or physical exercise in heat is nearly impossible without sweating. Sweat trickles down, temperature rises, thermoregulation runs at full speed. Not only that clothes soaked with sweat are extremely uncomfortable – exhaustion, loss of performance and health problems are far worse. Heavy sweating means also high loss of energy what often leads to loss of performance and health problems unless sportswear is combined with appropriate cooling wear such as cooling vest or cool shirt.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez (VfL Wolfsburg) with COOLINE SX3 shirt on his way to heat championship in Brazil together with the Swiss national football team (NATI)


Cooling is healthier

Cooling textiles significantly reduce sweating and transpiration. Even during marathons or triathlons the cooling vest or cool shirt help to improve thermoregulation and performance of up to 10%. As a result, they also provide for better regeneration. There’s no need for sweating. With cooling vest or cool shirt – and also with cooling caps, bandanas and neckbands – exhaustion can be avoided. Enjoy success and fun during leisure times and sports.

Heat protection to wear 1




Appropriate cooling – win or loose

High temperatures push our cardiovascular system to render top performance because our bodies suffer from loss of fluids and heat build-up. Performance and concentration are significantly decreasing.
This happens to top athletes, as well, because exactly where top performance is required the difference of already 1% of performance decides whether you win or lose. According to sports scientists, already 1.5-2% of liquid loss lead to a loss of performance of 4%.  So heat decides whether you win or lose.

Extreme heat may even cause heat stroke or failure of vital organs when the body temperature rises too high. Appropriate cooling can help to prevent these effects. The YouTube video shows Lotus F1 Team Race Manager Paul Seaby who demonstrates the effects of appropriate cooling.


Video: youtube


Top athletes oft he German Athletics Association (DLV) use high tech

Not only the F1 racing team, but also top athletes such as the German Athletics Association (DLV) already use cooling wear with COOLINE SX3 technology.
During the IAAF World Championships in Moscow in 2013, not only athletes wore cooling clothes but also reporters, as you could witness on Free-TV. In Russia, the decathletes demonstrated how to use cooling wear. They used the cooling vest during warm-ups, in-between competitions and even in-between individual trials during discus and other events. Result: Germany won the vice world championship.

DLV Moskau

Bild: ZDF

Summa cum COOLINE

Scientific studies confirm increase of performance during sports

Since a couple of years now, we have observed a fundamental change in sports: cooling instead of warming up! Pioneers and scientific heads of these examinations, including various studies and publications, are Prof. Wilfried Joch, sports scientist of Münster University and Prof. Sandra Ückert of Berlin University.

Access to the study is not only provided for professional athletes, but as a special offer of IDENIXX, also for all persons interested: Order the new e-book here.

Heat protection to wear 2



Cold application in training and competition

So far, for most of us the subject of cooling was closely related to cold sprays or ice packs. By and by, the range of cooling equipment was extended by cold chambers, such as used by training centers, such as the German Sports Centre in Kienbaum, or cooling drums such as used for regeneration by the German football team. Various studies however repeatedly confirmed significant effects on performance by precooling measures, i.e. cold application before sports and in the breaks (intercooling). In 2010, the German Federal Institute for Sports Sciences published a survey on the scientific evidence of precooling by a number of sports scientists and sport physicians headed by Prof. Dr. Tim Meyer, physician of the German national football team.

Conclusion: An average increase of performance of 3.7% was confirmed for well-trained athletes in practical time trials.

Kälteapplikationen im Spitzensport

Faude, Oliver; Wegmann, Melissa; Krieg, Anne; Meyer, Tim
(2010) ISBN 978-3-86884-513-6


The score goes to COOLINE SX3

Some sports stand for sweat and heat. Award-winning snaps of boxing matches are mainly those where the opponent is hit while thousands of drops of sweat are flying through the air. Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem! Because the body had previously produced the drops of sweat and consumed a lot of energy.  Energy which was no longer available for the next punch.

Exactly the last two rounds are often characterized by exhaustion, lack of concentration and decrease of performance. An easy KO.

Multiple world champion Rola El-Halabi and other world champions, such as Eddy Gutknecht, etc. already use COOLINE SX3 technology. The cooling vest for precooling before the fight starts and the IDENIXX towel for intercooling in the breaks. For more concentration and performance until the final round!

eddy gutknecht

World Class Boxers as Rola El Halabi and Edgar Gutknecht cool with COOLINE SX3

Rola El Halabi