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From medicine to textiles

The company with the fast, effective and hygienic cooling system

Our team includes top athletes and technical experts facing new and innovative challenges every day.

Our IdeniXx products help athletes to perform at their best and to make a major step towards their personal goals.

We have committed ourselves to providing high quality, excellent service and, first and foremost, innovative power for our partners and customers.

It all started with an idea in marathon and triathlon. But quickly the concept was implemented in other fields of sports such as football and motor sports.

In the meantime, not only athletes in endurance sports profit from cooling but also national teams and world champions.

In addition, we have committed ourselves to environmental protection and have our products produced in a climate-neutral way.


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Hightech meets coolness

Scientific studies confirm effectiveness

We analyze our products in scientific studies, monitor their application comprehensively and have tests carried out by recognized institutes.

We therefore cooperate with opinion leaders in the field of cooling.  Thus, we continuously follow the latest information and trends which we love to share with our customers.


Since a couple of years now, we have observed a fundamental change in sports: cooling instead of warming up! Pioneers and scientific heads of these examinations, including various studies and publications, are Prof. Wilfried Joch, sports scientist of Münster University and Prof. Sandra Ückert of Berlin University. By correct warm-up you can mobilise up to 10% of your performance reserves. Exhaustion and sweating belong to the past. Many top athletes already apply these methods. 

Access to the study is not only provided for professional athletes, but as a special offer of IDENIXX, also for all persons interested:

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